Welcome to my personal website where you can find more information about my research, experience, and hobbies.

I am a Robotics Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University studying human-robot interaction in an educational context.


January 2021: Paper accepted to Human-Robot Interactions Late-Breaking Reports titled "Perception of Emotion in Torso and Arm Movements on Humanoid Robot Quori".

October 2020: Check out a new blog article "Generate Latex-Friendly Figures with Matplotlib".

August 2020: Check out a new blog article "Multiple Stimuli, One Question using Qualtrics".

July 2020: Attended the Movement and Computing 2020 (Virtual) Conference and Presented "Feasible Stylized Motion: Robotic Manipulator Imitation of a Human Demonstration with Collision Avoidance and Style Parameters in Increasingly Cluttered Environments".

Summer 2019: Internship at Siemens to develop a demonstration of a robot imitating human movement in real-time towards the goal of creating socially-aware, cognizant manufacturing assistants for the factory for the future.

May 2019: Graduated with my Masters in Mechanical Engineering under Dr. Amy LaViers! Thesis titled: " Developing and evaluating a model for human motion to facilitate low degree-of-freedom robot imitation of human movement".

May 2019: My Masters advisor Dr. Amy LaViers post about my thesis performance

June 2018: Thanks to Dr. Marco Gillies for mentioning me in his post about the Movement and Computing 2018 Conference